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Relational DB

A database as a service instance.
Choose from MySQL-compatible and Microsoft SQL databases.

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Deploy a High-Performance Relational Database for MySQL or Microsoft SQL

Relational DB supports rapid software delivery requirements by providing speedy access to a high performance, enterprise-hardened relational database instance built on our high performance cloud platform. Our datbase-as-a-service gives you a working database instance in no time, without any of the headaches associated with deploying the underlying compute infrastructure. And just as importantly, you can easily scale resources at the click of a button as your needs change.

Relational DB Service vs self-service database deployment

Relational DB Advantages

Fast, Easy Deployment

Software development today happens at warp-speed, so no one can afford long lead times to deploy physical database infrastructure. CenturyLink's Relational DB service expedites access to an enterprise-hardened relational database instance, which means your team will be uploading data and digging into application development in minutes.

Blazing Fast Performance

The CenturyLink Relational DB service is deployed on our high performance cloud platform. Promising 15,000 IOPs minimum (with maximum IOPs spiking considerably higher), this platform was purpose-built for distributed workloads, particularly for data scale.

Facilitates Agile Development

Only those organizations who can adapt and evolve will survive in this business climate. That means embracing agile development processes to remain relevant and competitive. As IT departments experience ever increasing pressure to respond to business demands, and to increase agility, they need to adopt better tools. Relational DB enables agility by delivering speedy deployment of a fully functional relational database instance.

Service Features

Percona for MySQL database service Relational DB
  • Runs on Percona 5.6
  • One-click deployment instantly returns connection string
  • DB configuration and daily backups
  • Optional replication with auto-failover
  • Automated patching
  • Restore from Backup and perform manual failovers
  • Manage backup time and retention rules
  • Scale subscription resources
  • Perform backups and restores
  • Sign up to receive usage notifications
  • Compute and Database Resources billed jointly
  • Hourly utility pricing
Microsoft SQL database service with Relational DB
  • Runs on MSSQL 2016 Enterprise, Standard and Web Editions
  • Operates on Windows OS
  • One-click deployment returns connection string in minutes
  • Private routing
  • Daily backups held for 7 days
  • Consumption alert notifications
  • Manage the database using standard command line interface or from your favorite MSSQL client
  • Restore from Backup and perform manual failovers
  • Scale subscription resources
  • OS and Database patching included

Use Cases

Facilitating Rapid Software Delivery and Scalability

The challenge for business has long been how to provide accelerated IT on-demand. With ever increasing competition, organizations are ramping up cycles to increase velocity of market-ready product and services. Relational DB Service enables customers to provision both MySQL-Compatible and Microsoft SQL database environments on-demand. No need to purchase new hardware or manage complex licensing models.

Relational DB Service can also help transition a database through the application development process. During early phases, you can provision databases in low-cost configurations geared toward development activities. As the app progresses toward production, databases can be seamlessly scaled for production, reconfigured with higher levels of availability and performance.

Common use cases for CenturyLink's Relational DB Service include:

  • Proofs of Concept
  • Test, Sandbox and Development Environments
  • Reduced Time and Effort Moving from Development to Production
  • Data-Driven Decision Management (DDDM)
  • Cost Savings from Virtualization
  • Facilitate Self-Service Technology
  • Control IT Sprawl

A Free Public Cloud Trial for Up to $500 in Usage

  • Up to $500 in usage of self-service products and services.**
  • Access to a wide range of CenturyLink Cloud standard features.
  • High performance, fast deployment times and intuitive management capabilities designed to push your business forward.
** $500 trial credit excludes Bare Metal servers, Cloud Application Manager, CenturyLink Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation, Managed Services Anywhere, Advanced Managed Services, and Managed Disaster Recovery Service. Limit one trial account per customer. Trial credits expire after 90 days. A valid credit card is required to activate your trial account. Refer to our CenturyLink Cloud Agreement , Supplemental Terms and Acceptable Use Policy for other terms and conditions. This is a promotional offer. Other exclusions may apply.

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