Use Dedicated Load Balancers for Multiple Networks

Updated by Mark Turpin on Jun 09, 2015
Article Code: kb/817

Load Balance Multiple Networks on Dedicated Load Balancers

Dedicated Load Balancers offer the capability of load balancing traffic destined for servers on multiple networks in your account


  • HA dedicated Load balancers have been deployed to your account
  • Must have an Admin login to the Netscaler
  • Additional networks must be provisioned in your account
  • Firewall policies have been configured appropriately to allow access between the additional networks and network the dedicated load balancers reside on


  1. Log into your dedicated load balancer RNAT IP (typically ends with .101)
  2. Expand System > Network and click on Routes
  3. Select the RNAT tab
  4. Select the Action drop down menu, and select Configure RNAT
  5. Add the network and subnet mask

Example: for network, for netmask

LB Menu

  1. After you have completed adding networks the RNAT page will display the networks (including the network the dedicated LB's were provisioned on):

LB Menu


  • This example was performed on Netscaler VPX version 10.5
  • Please review the Load Balancing Comparison Matrix the review the capabilities of dedicated vs shared load balancers
  • Tracking a Dedicated Load Balancer license expiration date is performed by the customer, please reference our License Management Article