Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS)

Monitor all incoming and outgoing server traffic and utilize that data to detect and block known vulnerabilities. Not just for cloud, but for servers anywhere and everywhere.

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An Intrusion Prevention Service - or IPS - is a critical security component in any defence-in-depth strategy for securing a cloud environment. It helps ensure business continuity by protecting against known and unknown vulnerabilities on over 100 applications and operating systems. This means you can focus on growing your business and what makes your product or service uniquely valuable to your customers without worrying about loss of revenue or downtime due to malicious activity.

The CenturyLink Cloud IPS leverages industry-leading technology from Trend Micro, which utilizes an Agent installed on your virtual machine (VM) or host server that will monitor that machine for suspicious activity. If a vulnerability is identified, the system will log it, may block or stop it, and will report it based on the IPS policy. A default policy is implemented on each host that is then automatically tuned based on the host operating system and installed applications.


prevent disruption from vulnerabilities
Prevents Disruption

Helps prevent business disruption and loss of income or productivity by providing protection from known and unknown vulnerabilities on over 100 applications and many standard operating systems.

Consistent Performance
Defensive Strategy

An Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) is a critical security component in any company's defence in-depth strategy for securing their servers, wherever they are.

Consistent Performance

An Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) is a necessary element to meet security compliance such as PCI DSS.

Consistent Performance
Fast, Easy Deployment

Experience fast and easy deployment by provisioning IPS on a virtual machine or bare metal server within our cloud platform via Blueprints with just a few clicks. Or deploy it using a single command line for physical or cloud servers on or off the CenturyLink Cloud.

Real-Time Threat Notifications
Real-Time Threat Notifications

Real-time threat notifications with event data and activity logs allow you to see what was targeted, as well as how and what was prevented automatically.

Use it Anywhere
Anywhere/Everywhere Deployment

Deploy IPS on your servers wherever they are, on any physical server or any cloud as long as the server’s OS is a supported version and the network traffic is allowed to our management infrastructure.

Industry Leader Backed
Industry Leader Backed

Our service leverages the IPS component of Trend Micro Deep Security Suite created and supported by Trend Micro, a recognized industry leader in IT security solutions.

Modifications and Add-Ons
Modifications and Add-Ons

The Intrusion Prevention Service Blueprint is for the installation and activation of the service on virtual machines deployed on our Cloud Platform. Other Blueprints and our API are available for modifications to the install.

Daily Scans
Daily Scans

Every server with our host-based Intrusion Prevention Service deployed – wherever it's located – is scanned daily and the security profile is adjusted based on the applications installed and the OS detected.


  • On the CenturyLink Cloud Platform: Blueprint provisioning in just a few clicks allows you to quickly install the IPS Agent on your VM directly from the CenturyLink Cloud Control portal.
  • Anywhere and Everywhere Else: Single command line provisioning will install the IPS Agent on any of your servers anywhere. Yes, anywhere — in any cloud (CenturyLink Cloud, CenturyLink VPDC, CenturyLink DCC, any private cloud, AWS, Azure, etc.) or even on physical servers, as long as the server's OS is a supported version and the network traffic is allowed to our management infrastructure. In many cases, it's just one line of code and you’ve got intrusion prevention totally automated, wherever you need it.
  • Virtualization Security by enabling intrusion prevention on servers, blocking network attacks and unauthorized network access, and delivering security services to multi-tenant virtual environments as well as physical servers.
  • Sends alerts and triggers proactively, providing prevention upon detection of suspicious or malicious activity.
  • Installs the Trend Micro Agent on your host machine — virtual or physical — to protect against vulnerabilities in operating systems and over 100 popular business applications.
  • Event data retained for 13 weeks to help meet audit and compliance requirements.
  • Automatic scans of the host for newly installed applications every 24 hours, and automatic updates to the protection policy for newly found installed applications.
  • Automatic updates with new Trend Micro patches to protect against new vulnerabilities.
  • Supports event notifications via WebHook and Email.
  • Supports forwarding of captured event data to a specified syslog server.

Use Cases for Intrusion Prevention Service

Thwart Hackers Before They Can Cripple Your Servers

Spammers, Hackers, and Black Hats thrive on the Internet because so many servers are left vulnerable and easy to impact. It's like leaving your car unlocked with the keys in the ignition. What thief could resist? IPS increases your protection against hackers by monitoring your machines for suspicious activity and blocking that traffic to prevent harm to your system.

Addresses Compliance Needs Such as PCI DSS, as Well as HIPAA, HITECH, NIST, and SAS 70

Businesses face ever-increasing challenges regarding regulatory compliance, protecting their own and client privacy, while ensuring client and partner confidence in your organization. IPS offers a risk management solution designed to fit business needs.

Cut Costs, Complexity, and Regulate Risk Management

Cost-effective compliance by allowing our team to manage your intrusion prevention and working with an industry leader — Trend Micro — to ensure the most up-to-date signatures for the IPS agent.

Let Our Team Manage the Day-to-Day Operational Oversight of Your Agents

Allow security experts to oversee this security application while your workforce concentrates on your main business. Our team manages the scripts to install the agent, get it up running, your default policy installed and tuned for your server.

Implement Our Host-Based IPS on Any Server, Anywhere

Your infrastructure can cross multiple locations in order to support your business. Now you can use our Intrusion Prevention Service to protect your servers wherever they are. Our installation methods will allow you to add a layer of security protection to servers in any environment, whether it's in your own data centre, our CenturyLink Cloud, or another cloud altogether.

Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS)

Per hour per instance.

$0.07 / hour

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