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Affordable protection for your on-premise data and production servers.

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Risk reduction and mitigation is central to any disaster recovery strategy. But many customized DR solutions are too hard to use, inflexible, take too long to deploy and cost too much. That's why we created SafeHaven for CenturyLink Cloud. It's the simple way to protect your enterprise data and production systems and avoid the enormous cost of IT downtime.


DRaaS from On-Site to Public Cloud

Avoid the impact of a disaster completely. Deploy CenturyLink SafeHaven to protect data and VMs, from your data centre to CenturyLink Cloud. Includes Failover capabilities with API automation.

Live Test Failover

Emulate failure and test recovery of protection groups or entire sites without disrupting production workflow. Review detailed reports on each test to determine the recovery point and recovery time for each protection group.

Protection Groups

VM and data volumes within multi-tiered applications can be configured in Protection Groups to ensure failover and recovery in a mutually-consistent fashion and point in time.

Live Failback

Preserve all changes made at the primary/secondary site during failover operations with Live Failback. Users may also perform an automated check and repair any corrupted blocks on the storage systems at the primary site before issuing the Failback command.

Custom Check Point Intervals

Configure your data for Cloud backup intervals from your production site in seconds, minutes or hours based on your needs.

Runbook Automation

Runbook Automation orchestrates the recovery of groups of IT systems that have complex inter-dependencies, including ordered bring-up and re-configuration of protected IT systems in the CenturyLink Cloud and failback to the production site.

Why Choose SafeHaven?

  • Easy to Get Started. Configure and start to deploy in days.
  • Affordable. SafeHaven is a fraction of traditional DR solutions.
  • Easy to Test. Simulate disasters in minutes, for additional peace of mind.
  • Intuitive Interface. Customizing your DR plan is “point-and-click” easy.
  • Works with VMware. Deep compatibility with the business standard for virtualization.

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SafeHaven Disaster Recovery Reference Architecture diagram

Resource hourly
SafeHaven Licence

Per server

$0.0548 / VM

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